abm | Human Primary Cardiomyocytes | T4037

The human cardiac (heart) muscle consists of unmarried cardiac myocytes. Cardiac myocytes are excessive strength cells accountable for wearing the maximum bodily lively cells within side the frame due to the fact they perform the myogenic contraction of the complete cardiac muscle. Promo Cell Human Cardiac Myocytes are generated from […]

abm | PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit | G238

One of the maximum not unusualplace contaminants in mobileular lifestyle laboratories are mycoplasma, an unrecognizable micro organism beneathneath segment comparison microscopes. Mycoplasma are the smallest residing organisms (0.2 – 0.3μm) and may be found in mobileular lifestyle media as much as 108 mycoplasma/ml with out inflicting seen adjustments withinside the […]

PDQ Protease Assay | 0201

The PDQ (Protease Determine Quick) Protease Assay is a colorimetric assay used to locate protease pastime in aqueous samples. The proprietary substrate responds to a extensive variety of proteases consisting of serine, metallo, aspartate and cysteine proteases consisting of collagenase, proteinase K, papain, pepsin, bromelin, ficin, trypsin and chymotrypsin. PDQ™ […]

pLKO.1-APC shRNA-2 Plasmid

HIV-1 is transcriptionally energetic in activated T helper (Th)-cells and inactive in naive or resting reminiscence Th-cells. Ets-2 is a preinduction transcriptional repressor of the IL-2 gene in naive The-cells and a candidate transcriptional repressor of HIV-1 within side the identical cells, due to the fact the −279 to −250 […]

Pooled Human Serum | 1830-0003

The OECD Test Guideline Programme concurs upon take a look at tips for the risk trying out of chemical compounds that may be accepted via way of means of any member united states beneathneath the Mutual Acceptance of Data (MAD) agreement. This saves expenses to industry, now no longer having […]