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One of the maximum not unusualplace contaminants in mobileular lifestyle laboratories are mycoplasma, an unrecognizable micro organism beneathneath segment comparison microscopes. Mycoplasma are the smallest residing organisms (0.2 – 0.3μm) and may be found in mobileular lifestyle media as much as 108 mycoplasma/ml with out inflicting seen adjustments withinside the increase media, along with turbidity and pH adjustments. Therefore mycoplasma are regularly hard to hit upon and the presence of mycoplasma may be unnoticed. Mycoplasma influences absolutely each issue of the mobileular behaviour and might motive sizable mistakes in experimental and/or clinical settings. Some remarkable outcomes are:

  •  Inhibition of mobileular proliferation as much as 50% with the aid of using nutrient withdrawal and secretion of dangerous metabolic products
  •  Influence on immunological reactions
  • Influence on virus proliferation and viral contamination fee
  •  Potential motive in chromosomal aberrations
  • Changes in microarray and gene expression profiles
  • Decreased mobileular transfection fee
  • Interference in DNA and protein isolation.

The common infection fee states that among 15% – 35% of all non-stop mobileular cultures are infected with mycoplasma, and the infection quotes are 5% withinside the enterprise and 47% in academics.

Mycoplasma Detection

Various techniques for detection are available, which includes the fluorescence method, lifestyle method, and enzyme immune verification method. The disadvantages of those techniques are that they are time-ingesting and specialized equipments can be required. The answer for brief and smooth mycoplasma detection is abm’s PCR Mycoplasma

Detection Kit

abm’s PCR Mycoplasma Detection makes use of traditional PCR technology for the handy and precise detection of greater than 70 contaminating mycoplasma species.

Key Features:

  • Direct addition of mobileular lifestyle supernatant to PCR reaction — no DNA isolation/ purification steps required
  •  Ready-to-use primer mix — reduces variability
  •  Able to hit upon over 70 varieties of mycoplasma species – excessive sensitivity
  • Included fine control to confirm poor outcomes

Rapid YES/NO outcomes in 2 hours Recommended frequency

checking out Frequent checking out of mycoplasma is usually recommended in laboratories, particularly when you acquire new mobileular or virus cultures, in addition to earlier than every cryopreservation event. For non-stop mobileular lines (Hela, HEK293, CHO etc), month-to-month checking out is the exceptional method to manipulate capability spreads of infection. Once infected, separate the paintings benches and incubators from mycoplasma loose substances and discard or autoclave the tainted lifestyle ware immediately. Contaminated cells will require unique remedy, along with the usage of abm’s Mycoplasma Elimination Cocktail.

Commonly used mobileular lifestyle antibiotics which includes penicillin, streptomycin, and vancomycin aren’t powerful towards mycoplasma infection. Methods to do away with mycoplasma are confined to co-cultivation with macropages, autoclave, supplement fixation and a few chemical techniques. The simplest amongst all techniques are the chemical treatments. abm has evolved a strong cocktail that may do away with over 50 extraordinary species of mycoplama with only four treatments. In addition, abm’s mycoplasma removal cocktail indicates no toxicity to maximum cells beneathneath remedy as decided with the aid of using gene array assay.

PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit

abx098883-100rxns Abbexa 100 rxns 644.4 EUR

PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit

abx298017-100rxns Abbexa 100 rxns 376.8 EUR

PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit

M034-Kit TOKU-E Kit 319.2 EUR

Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit

K1476-100 Biovision 100 Rxns 357.6 EUR

Mycoplasma Detection Kit (OKSB00010)

OKSB00010 Aviva Systems Biology 50 Tests 458.4 EUR

Luciferase Mycoplasma Detection Kit

20-abx098882 Abbexa
  • 1479.60 EUR
  • 627.60 EUR
  • 777.60 EUR
  • 200rxns
  • 25 rxns
  • 50 rxns

Luciferase Mycoplasma Detection Kit

20-abx298016 Abbexa
  • 1212.00 EUR
  • 360.00 EUR
  • 510.00 EUR
  • 200 rxns
  • 25 rxns
  • 50 rxns

MycoBlue Mycoplasma Detector

D101-01 Vazyme 20 tests 23.11 EUR

MycoBlue Mycoplasma Detector

D101-02 Vazyme 50 tests 52 EUR

MULTIPLEX KIT PCR Mycoplasma (Mycoplasma gallisepticum y Mycoplasma synoviae) PCR kit

PCR-MPX400-48D Bioingentech 50T 543.6 EUR

MULTIPLEX KIT PCR Mycoplasma (Mycoplasma gallisepticum y Mycoplasma synoviae) PCR kit

PCR-MPX400-96D Bioingentech 100T 686.4 EUR

PCR-STEC Detection Kit

K1452-96 Biovision each 940.8 EUR

COVID19 PCR detection kit

BSV-qPCR-07 BioServUK 100 reactions Ask for price

Mycoplasma sp. PCR kit

PCR-M407-48D Bioingentech 50T 543.6 EUR

Mycoplasma sp. PCR kit

PCR-M407-96D Bioingentech 100T 686.4 EUR

PCR-Salmonella Detection Kit

K1447-96 Biovision each 744 EUR

Mycoplasma suis PCR kit

PCR-M409-48D Bioingentech 50T 543.6 EUR

Contamination of mobileular cultures with mycoplasma is a extensive laboratory problem that may jeopardize crucial experimental outcomes. abm gives the subsequent services that will help you clear up this issue. Cell lifestyle samples despatched in with the aid of using the patron could be analyzed for mycoplasma infection and a file could be supplied within 10 commercial enterprise days of receiving the cells.

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