Anti-HMGB1 Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit, 50 µg | ST326059652

DNA vaccination is a unique immunization method that has splendid capacity for the improvement of vaccines and immune therapeutics. This method has been fantastically powerful in mice, however is much less immunogenic in non-human primates and in humans. Enhancing DNA vaccine efficiency stays a challenge. It is possibly that antigen-imparting […]

RNase Quiet / RNase Quiet for Replacement

Human telomerase opposite transcriptase (TERT) is the catalytic subunit of telomerase, and it elongates telomere via RNA-based DNA polymerase interest. Although TERT is known as as a opposite transcriptase, structural and phylogenetic analyses of TERT show that TERT is a member of right-exceeded polymerases, and pertains to viral RNA-based RNA […]

Lentivirus Packaging Kit (P904=P902+P904P) | 568-P904

Ectors derived from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are particularlygreenautomobiles for in vivo gene delivery. However, their biosafety is of principal concern. Here we take advantage of the complexity of the HIV genome to offer lentivirus vectors with novel biosafety features. In addition to the structural genes, HIV carries regulatory genes, […]

PDQ Protease Assay | 0201

The PDQ (Protease Determine Quick) Protease Assay is a colorimetric assay used to locate protease pastime in aqueous samples. The proprietary substrate responds to a extensive variety of proteases consisting of serine, metallo, aspartate and cysteine proteases consisting of collagenase, proteinase K, papain, pepsin, bromelin, ficin, trypsin and chymotrypsin. PDQ™ […]

pLKO.1-APC shRNA-2 Plasmid

HIV-1 is transcriptionally energetic in activated T helper (Th)-cells and inactive in naive or resting reminiscence Th-cells. Ets-2 is a preinduction transcriptional repressor of the IL-2 gene in naive The-cells and a candidate transcriptional repressor of HIV-1 within side the identical cells, due to the fact the −279 to −250 […]

Background buster peptide blocker

The utilization of Background Buster is extraordinarily useful for staining of indirect species (non-identical species tissue/ antibody) equivalent to Rat –On-Mouse, Mouse-on- Rat, Mouse-on-Rabbit, and so forth. A 20-minute incubation with Innovex Background Buster is helpful earlier to the equipment of the primary antibody for staining of Indirect (non-identical species […]

Apexbio Cell Counting Package deal-8

Background Cell proliferation shall be detected by numerous methods. Cell proliferation induces an increase inside the train of the mitochondrial dehydrogenases, which cleaves the tetrazolium salt to formazan. The WST Cell Proliferation Colorimetric Assay Package deal plus provides the most effective and most delicate technique for quantification of cell proliferation […]