ExCellenCT Lysis Kit

Sample preparation for electrophoresis, immunoprecipitation, ELISA, enzyme activity experiments, etc.

The standard set includes protease inhibitor and phosphatase inhibitor.

Since the Excellent lysis kit is an amine-free buffer that is based on the HEPES buffer, labeling experiments on the prepared sample can be applied directly.

The standard set includes Protease inhibitors and Phosphatase inhibitors.

Excellent Lysis kit is an amine-free buffer based on HEPES, making it ideal for labeling experiments of prepared
samples directly.

Read this instruction manual carefully to ensure the safe use of the Product. Not to douse the Product unless you fully understand the content of this instruction manual. The instruction manual describes the method and the intended purpose of use for the Product. Please refrain from using it for the purpose and method not described in the instruction manual.

If The product must be used for the purpose and method not described in the instruction manual, the user must be responsible for any need security measures and any unpredictable Consequences. Also, read the instructions carefully. manuals for the devices to be used together with the product 2. Purpose of use

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