UltraRainbow Fluorescent Particles 1E7/mL

Because our fluorescent dyes are incorporated into the bead and not only on the surface, FITC, GFP, Nile-red, the spheres have different sizes and fluorescence, the diameter of the spheres is usually above 50nm and in the range of micrometers, beads, and particle applications including blood flow determination, blue, dark […]

Mouse IgG ELISA (96 Determinations)

The IMMUNO-TEK Mouse IgG ELISA Kit is a fast and easy-to-use enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) designed for the measurement of mouse IgG in plasma, serum, hybridoma cell supernatants, ascites, or other mouse biological organisms fluids. The kit is also useful for monitoring the production and purification of mouse monoclonal antibodies […]


The goal of the Center of Excellence in Cancer Communication Research (CECCR) initiative is to catalyze major advances in cancer communication. This goal is accomplished by facilitating growth in knowledge about cancer communication, translating theory and programs into practice, and training health communication scientists. The unique trans-disciplinary efforts of the five centers […]


What’s the purpose of the CCRC? Our new Center is set up to study new ways to communicate about cancer, both between patients and healthcare providers, and the sorts of communication that providers have together, for patients. What’s the quickest way to communicate my research? Sometimes in dissemination, the quickest […]

About Us

The primary goal of the Cancer Communication Research Center [CCRC] is to identify and describe optimal communication structures and processes in organizations that facilitate patient-centered communication in cancer care. We are pursuing this goal across the cancer continuum – from prevention to early detection, diagnosis, treatment, life after cancer to […]